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Universities Australia wide are all dealing with the same issues.Drink driving and anti social behaviour. Many fear these problems are destroying the university experience, as a ripple effect, University reputations are being tarnished and a growing health and safety concern for students welfare becomes apparent. BMF are able to implement strategic step by step processes to empower duty managers, students and University heads to tackle these issues head on.

BMF will not only sit on the front line of any licensed event on and off campus but will interact and educate students while in the act of drinking.

The more hardline approach comes through a customised program developed by BMF where the university implements a system where students will be breath tested in accordance with guidelines set by the university. These guidelines will create a social conscience to limit the amount of drinking while on campus.

As a by product of these actions, BMF will also implement education by using BAC drink coasters, BAC wallet cards and a BAC mobile application to help students monitor their drinking in a very simple, effective and user friendly way.