Are you looking for a trustworthy company that can handle workplace testing for drugs and alcohol? Your search ends with BMF. Our workplace testing results for drugs and alcohol are quick and accurate. At BMF, all of your workplace testing needs for drugs and alcohol will be handled in a courteous, professional and confidential manner.

Finger Print Testing

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Drink Driver Testing Packages
Drinking and driving is a very real danger, when patrons are set on driving to an event, BMF offer 2 very effective strategies to give patrons every chance to test themselves before driving out of the venue.

BMF setup at the exit points of the main designated car parks. With appropriate signage, road safety equipment and traffic management directing cars. BMF will be able systematically offer drivers the chance to pull over in a holding bay and be tested for alcohol and drugs with intent to stop drinking and driving.

BMF crew are also certified in traffic management and ensure traffic flows in and out of the entrance/exit points
BMF are adamant in making sure drivers are hydrated before leaving an event, offering water and Gatorade.
BMF crew deliver critical information and advice to all drivers who are tested for drink driving, encouraging them to reconsider their options before leaving. Often directing them back into the festival to rest, sleep, eat and rehydrate before driving.
University Packages

Universities Australia wide are all dealing with the same issues.Drink driving and anti social behaviour. Many fear these problems are destroying the university experience, as a ripple effect, University reputations are being tarnished and a growing health and safety concern for students welfare becomes apparent. BMF are able to implement strategic step by step processes to empower duty managers, students and University heads to tackle these issues head on.

BMF will not only sit on the front line of any licensed event on and off campus but will interact and educate students while in the act of drinking.

The more hardline approach comes through a customised program developed by BMF where the university implements a system where students will be breath tested in accordance with guidelines set by the university. These guidelines will create a social conscience to limit the amount of drinking while on campus.

As a by product of these actions, BMF will also implement education by using BAC drink coasters, BAC wallet cards and a BAC mobile application to help students monitor their drinking in a very simple, effective and user friendly way.



Charles Sturt University (CSU has multiple campuses in Albury- Wodonga, Bathurst, Dubbo, Goulburn, Orange, Port Macquarie, Wagga Wagga and Canberra. Most of these campuses encourage and facilitate onsite accomodation for the students to live in while studying. A vast majority of students however do not live on campus and have to travel by car to get to university each day. Due to the isolated geography of most CSU campuses, students get behind the wheel of their car on a day-to-day basis.


CSU host regular campus events where students pre-drink before in their share-room facilities. This behaviour is very much a part of university culture. Once at the venue, consuming alcohol continues at the event. The risks of having students driving on alcohol is something CSU wants to stamp out completely. The next morning also poses serious concerns for the students wellbeing and safety. Strong education programs are implemented to ensure students understand and are aware of the risks of driving a vehicle the morning after consuming alcohol.


Charles Sturt University (CSU) invite BMF to attend not only their O-Week events across four different campuses but also their event schedule where they know a vast majority of students will be attending with the intention to drink alcohol. BMF will roam the venue, offering students the opportunity and insight to participate in having a breathtest while in the act of drinking to determine whether or not they think they know where their BAC (blood-alcohol concentration) and whether or not they think they are okay to drive. Students are taken through a step-by-step process to download, install and learn how to calculate their BAC by using the YOUR BAC app developed by BMF. Students have to enter what they had drunk up until the present moment and if they entered in too many standard drinks, it would simply not match up with doing a breath alcohol test in real-time. This not only gave the students perspective, but it also taught them what their standard drinks looked like and how to track them while driving.

The app is a great way to keep track of your drinks when an accurate breath test is not available.

The morning after experience identifies that the message becomes reality, and really hits home. BMF attend the main dining hall where all students come for breakfast the following morning. BMF teach students to use redlines – single-use disposable breath testers (which they have access to on campus), accompanied with the APP and real- time breath test.

BMF also provide the university RA’s with an ‘official drug and alcohol tester’ t-shirt. They are briefed, coached and then work alongside BMF staff to help deliver the message during breakfast.

This is a great initiative to further involve the RA’s and for the students to look to them as role models within their respective campuses.

Festival Packages

What do we do?

BMF assists event goers to get home safely by giving them an opportunity to be Drug & Alcohol tested. We set up services within festivals site grounds and at the exit gates.

We will tailor our service format specifically to suit any event requirements.

The fact that patrons are driving to your events and camping overnight, we encourage any events to consider our service for these reasons:

  • Immediate effect on limiting and mitigating drink/drug driving from ever taking place
  • Viewed with great appreciation by people who attend the event
  • Safety to all
  • Education
  • Awareness
  • Responsibility of all good event management
  • Positive event branding and public image
  • In some cases, lowering of insurance premiums
  • Avoid violent behaviour
  • Establish healthier drinking habits
  • Supported by local Police

With the recent media coverage around festivals and the safety of patrons it is paramount to take all the necessary measures to protect your guests, your brand and be socially responsible.

Blow me first (BMF) are an interactive Drug & Alcohol testing service on the front line of music and lifestyle events Australia wide.

How BMF can help?

BMF can operate two setups, enabling extensive signage, shelter for patrons participating in testing and all the current and relevant data related to police road side testing in each state respectively. This information will be provided and explained on request.

Setup 1- Inner Stall – Ideally located between the main camping areas and festival arenas. This allows patrons to approach us for information and/or testing on foot before packing down their camp site.

Setup 2 –Gate Service– BMF specialise in providing events with certified traffic management plans to give drivers exiting the venue site an opportunity to be alcohol tested and or drug tested before risking driving impaired.

Nightclub Packages


BMF have a variety of options for licensed venues to choose from.

Option 1 : RED LINE Breathalysers ( single use)

This option is a simple non commital approach to providing your guests with the option to purchase single use disposable alcohol tester from the bar or reception desk.  BMF offer you boxes of 10 on consignment with RRP to assist you genearte profit per sale.

Option 2 : Hand held Drager Alcotest 3820 ( german engineered) personal Breathalyser

This option has multiple benefits. For starters it is not fixed to the wall or your vehicle, so its use can be more durable. On a commercial level it can be used to assist your security in giving them more power and rights to refuse a patron entry to your venue should they be too intoxicated. The Drager Alcotest 3820 can also be used to breathalyse your staff, should you wish to ensure they work under a zero tolerance policy. Furthermore, it can be used at the bar or at reception to give your guests piece of mind before getting behind the wheel and potentially driving impaired.

The Drager Alcotest 3820 is a mobile hand held unit that can also be used on a personal level. Leave it in your glove box to monitor and test yourself when needed or given it to a family member, friend or a P-plate driver.

The Drager Alcotest 3820 only Requires 1 calibration per year so that each and every breath alcohol test remains accurate. Made in Germany, the Drager Alcotest 3820 uses fuel cell technology, ensuring quality, fast and reliable testing.

Option 3: Wall mounted Breathalyser ( commercial use)

On a commercial level this investment will not only keep your guests safe but will also provide your business with another revenue stream. Coin operated and using Fuel Cell technology, this wall mounted unit requires very little maintenance and calibration once every 12 months to remain accurate.

Option 4: Interactive breath testing

BMF are able to provide licensed venues with crowd control and safety measures to protect liquor licensing. BMF can customise its service format from front line breath testing at the door and/or a roaming service inside the venue.

This assists liquor licensed venues with tackling the excessive drinking culture head on, making patrons more aware of where they are at while in the act of drinking.

BMF have worked with Trak nightclub, Chasers, Tramp, Billboards and many other venues who had issues with liquor licensing and wanted to empower their security with the means to educate patrons and arm them with information for refusal of entry.  BMF are essentially educating people by engaging with them in a positive conversation about their drinking habits ,explaining exactly how their body processes alcohol and what .05 means to them.

Private Functions

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  • Are you concerned about your patients cheating the drug test?
  • Or that your urine test is not up-to-date with the amount of new synthetic drugs on the streets?
  • Can you stand by the accuracy of your current urine test?

It’s a well-known fact that substance abuse is a serious issue and the habit can be extremely hard to kick. Treatment for drug abuse is a long and difficult process. For some patients, the temptation to relapse is common, just one hit is all it takes to fall back into the habit and is detrimental to their treatment program and their health.

A urine test is one of the many approaches BMF offers rehabilitation centres. An accurate urine test identifies substances that have been consumed by the patients. The majority of rehabilitation centres currently use urine cups with 5 panels, which only tests for the common drugs ie: MET/AMP/COC/THC/OPI. It does not test for any new drugs out on the market, more and more synthetic drugs are now being consumed and introduced and it is imperative to remain on top of this.

Across Australia, we lose track of the prevalence of new substances and dangerous drugs that are often flooding the streets. Rehabilitation centres are often not updating their Urine testing products to keep up with the ever-changing illegal substances in the market. BMF believe that by not updating your testing products, it’s a disservice to your patients.

For example; Quite often rehabilitation centres do not test for K2 Spice (synthetic cannabis) in their Urine cups. This substance should be treated the same as any other illegal substance, it is highly popular and should be tested.


“In Queensland, New South Wales, South Australia and Victoria there is now a ‘ban’ on possessing or selling any substance that has a psychoactive effect other than alcohol, tobacco and food.”

BMF have developed a multi-drug urine test, specifically designed for rehabilitation centres across Australia.

The Precision DX Urine Cup is a full spectrum urine test. It is utilised to detect the presence of both illegal and even prescription drugs in the donor’s urine.

  • All in-one drug test cup
  • 99% accuracy
  • The test strips delivers results within a minute.
  • Built-in temperature strip
  • Built-in adulterants
  • 10 substances
  • 12-month shelf life
  • Meets all Australian Testing Standards

You can purchase a sample at our store, here.

For orders over 100, please contact

Surface Testing


When there is suspicion of drug-use, manufacturing or unexplained illnesses. Can be used for testing of properties, cars and workplaces.

Once a surface area has been exposed to Meth, the highly dangerous chemicals stick to surfaces such as, walls, floors, cabinets, doors, carpets, curtains, soft furnishings, lounges etc

Meth residue can stick around on surfaces for lengthy periods of time, even years! Being exposed to these chemicals is highly dangerous, especially for young children and the elderly.

Types of testing that we do include:


Testing a property for methamphetamine is the best way of checking whether a home is clean and safe to occupy. Keeping a drug-free environment free from residue that can cause serious health issues.

Drug Testing Services are for properties or people looking to buy, rent or invest in a property. We also test on behalf of property managers and landlords.


Testing is commonly tested in the automotive industry.

Stolen vehicles: If your vehicle has been recovered you should conduct surface testing on the vehicle. Fumes in the interior of the car may be contaminated and being in close proximity can cause serious harm.

Side effects in a contaminated vehicle may cause, nose and throat issues, difficulty breathing or potentially unexplained rashes or aggravation of the eyes. Any of these unexplained symptoms could potentially be the result of these dangerous chemicals being present inside the vehicle.



  1. Assessment of the testing area to ascertain which areas to concentrate on
  2. Test the areas of concern
  3. Documentation of all findings and results
  4. Send a detailed report of findings
Standard call-out fee $120.00
Surface Testing
– METH/AMP/XTC $60.00 per test
– THC/Cocaine/Opiates/METH/AMP/XTC $120.00
Attendance fee ( if cancellation of an appointment is not made prior to attendance by a technician and/or no tests are conducted) $200.00


Laboratory confirmations ( includes consumables, courier, lab analysis & Lab certificate) $250.00
Air travel, accommodation & Meals At Cost
Remote drug testing kits $50.00