Blow me first (BMF) have created multiple services formats that can be applied to all events and workplaces. These include

  • Multi day music festivals
  • One day events
  • Car park testing
  • Onsite workplace testing
  • University/school education programs
  • On the go drug and alcohol testing at BMF HQ
  • Private functions for both a commercial and corporate environment.

Need to be drug and alcohol tested before work?

BMF are able to provide any employee the opportunity to come into our testing booths and be screened for

  • Exact Blood Alcohol Concentration (B.A.C) – Using a Drager Alcotest 6820
  • 5 panel Saliva swab test – Using a Drager Drug check 3000 5 in 1
  • 6 panel urine based drug test – Using a Suretest Cuplab 6 in 1
  • Accompanied by a BMF letterhead of authorization stating that the correct testing supervision and protocols have been met.
  • This document will be sent to your employer signed by all relevant parties to give legitimacy to a genuine drug and alcohol test taking place in front of a trained and certified workplace drug and alcohol tester.

BMF maintain strict guidelines when performing either a drug or alcohol test to determine accurate results.

Please note: this does not include a laboratory secondary test.

If you are subject to random drug and alcohol testing as part of your workplace employment agreement, we recommend that you call us to make an appointment today.

Call – 03 8866 1811


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