Blow me first (BMF) have created multiple services formats that can be applied to all events and workplaces. These include

  • Multi day music festivals
  • One day events
  • Car park testing
  • Onsite workplace testing
  • University/school education programs
  • On the go drug and alcohol testing at BMF HQ
  • Private functions for both a commercial and corporate environment.

Need to be drug and alcohol tested before work?

BMF are able to provide any employee the opportunity to come into our testing booths and be screened for

  • Exact Blood Alcohol Concentration (B.A.C) – Using a Drager Alcotest 6820
  • 5 panel Saliva swab test – Using a Drager Drug check 3000 5 in 1
  • 6 panel urine based drug test – Using a Suretest Cuplab 6 in 1
  • Accompanied by a BMF letterhead of authorization stating that the correct testing supervision and protocols have been met.
  • This document will be sent to your employer signed by all relevant parties to give legitimacy to a genuine drug and alcohol test taking place in front of a trained and certified workplace drug and alcohol tester.

BMF maintain strict guidelines when performing either a drug or alcohol test to determine accurate results.

Drinking and Driving Testing Packages

What we offer?

Drinking and driving is a very real danger, when patrons are set on driving to an event, BMF offer 2 very effective strategies to give patrons every chance to test themselves before driving out of the venue.

  • BMF setup at the exit points of the main designated car parks.  With appropriate signage, road safety equipment and traffic management directing cars. BMF will be able systematically offer drivers the chance to pull over in a holding bay and be tested for alcohol and drugs with intent to stop drinking and driving.
  • BMF crew are also certified in traffic management and ensure traffic flows in and out of the entrance/exit points
  • BMF are adamant in making sure drivers are hydrated before leaving an event, offering water and Gatorade.
  • BMF crew deliver critical information and advice to all drivers who are tested for drink driving, encouraging them to reconsider their options before leaving. Often directing them back into the festival to rest, sleep, eat and rehydrate before driving.

Critical Package

The Final hours of an event critical window of opportunity.

BMF will man the exit turnstiles to the site where foot traffic flows out of the venue. This is the perfect opportunity for patrons to monitor whether they are safe to leave the venue.

In this package, BMF will recommend 1 x staff member per x300 patrons. With forecast numbers of attendees, BMF will arm every staff member with a highly calibrated breathalyzer and information in regards to public transport, taxi’s and first aid.

Roaming Teams

BMF HQ – setup either next to information tent or close to first aid/ paramedics.

BMF staff throughout the day can be utilized within the venue to target drinkers while in the act of drinking. BMF staff can roam through high traffic areas and monitor drinking zones so that people are fully aware of the service being available while utilizing the service to monitor where they are at. Security, RSA staff and First aid can also have access to BMF when called upon. For example if a patron is sick or have had their drink spiked and the medics need to know what they’ve taken or how intoxicated they are BMF is able to identify and inform first aid with exactly what and how much a person has consumed.

BMF has in the past worked with RSA and event management to determine that if a patron blows a higher reading than .10 security have the right to refuse service on the basis of being intoxicated or the right to refuse entry.

Under 18 Events

Having serviced the biggest underage event on the Australian calendar “Goodlife” it is clear to us that event management do not want to deal with the risk of having a drunk or high under age patron. Endorsing a zero tolerance policy, BMF created a team trained to breath test and drug test kids before they entered the event. Positive results were flagged to security and event management dealt with the child immediately. This mitigated any potential risk before the individual passed the turnstiles.


BMF frequently conduct large scale testing for outdoor camping festivals sometimes as many as 18,000 patrons

Drug and alcohol effected patrons driving home from festivals located in rural areas around Australia are a huge risk on the roads.

The suggestion of the car pass is a great way to ensure your festival goers have access to both alcohol and drug testing before leaving your event site. One of our largest customers implemented this exact strategy to mitigate their risk at their festival this year and it was a huge success.

We set up multiple testing stations, internal under a dome and at the gate as patrons are leaving the event in their cars. Car park passes were initiated by the event to encourage patrons to make the right choice about driving.

This strategy is a way for the event to ensure patrons are made to think about their safety and the safety of their passengers before getting behind the wheel. This strategy also allows people to be made aware of the service prior to the event while also educating them on the effects that drugs & alcohol.