David Gould

Managing Director

David is already an established business owner, having run a successful business for the past 11 years.  He is driven, motivated and understands how to maintain a successful business model.

Being a punter himself that enjoyed going to music festivals, bars and clubs alike. David commenced extensive research of the market, engaging other business owners, friends and punters, trying to understand what services were already out there that allowed people to check where they were at in terms of blood alcohol content. After realizing there was no actual service that offered this to patrons, the concept of BMF was born in 2009. David wanted to bring breath testing to patrons in a fun and interactive way. Dave is adamant that delivering the best drug testing and breath testing service will impact cultural awareness and change within the Australian public.

Noah Tyler

Managing Director

Noah first crossed paths with Dave in 2013, right at the point where he too was running a successful business and was looking at other opportunities to expand. Dave recognized that Noah’s people skills and work ethic would be key to taking BMF to the next level. The timing was perfect and the two boys have never looked back. Noah is passionate about helping people and loves building relationships with events and promoters alike to grow the brand nationally.