Blow Me First is an alcohol & drug education and testing service aimed at empowering young people to make safe and responsible decisions.

The blow me First service aims to reach all people and inform them of their blood alcohol content or whether the drugs they have consumed can still impair their ability to make dangerous decisions such as drink & drug driving, or other anti-social harmful behaviours.

Our breathalyser units are of the highest quality and are provided to us by Drager, who proudly sponsor our hardware for both commercial and personal use. These units are also used by law enforcement globally and they are calibrated regularly to ensure accuracy in readings and maintenance of equipment.

Our drug testing kits are also of the highest quality. To ensure testing remains relevant and accurate. BMF provide saliva screening, hair follicle testing and urine testing options to ensure drug detection is available for all environments and guidelines.

Blow Me First has a duty of care with every test facilitated, whether positive or negative or a very low reading to always instruct the person being tested not to drive. This ensures that every test remains a guide only and cannot be used to reference any occurrence post being tested.