At BMF, we believe that every time we engage with young adults at venues and events and facilitate a breath test or drug test, an important conversation about responsible consumption takes place.

This conversation stays with them and has a “ripple effect” that encourages self-awareness of consumption levels and safer behaviours associated with drinking and drug taking.

BMF has developed a strong presence at popular venues, festivals, and events. Our clients recognise the importance of ensuring safe and responsible service of alcohol. They choose to partner with BMF to ensure that patrons are empowered to drink responsibly and make safe choices when drinking or consuming drugs.

Venue and event management can be reassured that they are providing an “alcohol & drug safe environment” for their patrons to revel in. They are taking the necessary steps to encourage responsible drinking and associated behaviour and they are providing outstanding value and care to patrons by encouraging a safe, positive social experience that ends with a safe journey home.