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“Blow me first” may sound like a provocative turn of phrase, but at the heart of this phrase lies an organisation’s commitment to starting a conversation with young adults about responsible consumption of alcohol.


Since 2013, Blow me first has been exploring innovative and practical solutions to ensure peoples safety and wellbeing at events and parties, where excessive alcohol consumption has become the norm.

Recent studies indicate that 2 out of every 5 Australians will drink at dangerous levels at least once per year and 36% of Australians are drinking “to get drunk”. Hazardous and harmful binge drinking costs society over $15.3 billion per year split between:

Costs of criminal justice (21%)
Costs to the health system (12%)
Productivity losses for businesses (42%)
Cost of drink-driving induced accidents (26%)
BMF core values focus on delivering the most accurate and reliable results at a price affordable to the consumer. This will not only help people make an informed decision before taking the wheel but will also ensure that drivers , parents, schools, universities, music festivals, charity events and the wider community are kept safe from potential dangers.

This gives our staff, our managers and our customers the utmost confidence in delivering the best drug and alcohol products, equipment and results time and time again.

Blow me first aims to promote safe social environments, by empowering people to know their level of intoxication and to make responsible decisions based on this information. By starting a friendly conversation with young adults in a positive context about the effects of alcohol and dangers of associated behaviours, we empower them to:

Drink responsibly
Understand the effects of alcohol on them
Avoid drink-driving
Avoid violent behaviour
Establish healthier drinking habits
Encourage their peers to drink responsibly
Blow me first empowers young adults to make safe and responsible decisions when drinking.

David Gould
David Gould
Managing Director

David is already an established business owner, having run a successful business for the past 11 years. He is driven, motivated and understands how to maintain a successful business model.

Being a punter himself that enjoyed going to music festivals, bars and clubs alike. David commenced extensive research of the market, engaging other business owners, friends and punters, trying to understand what services were already out there that allowed people to check where they were at in terms of blood alcohol content. After realizing there was no actual service that offered this to patrons, the concept of BMF was born in 2009. David wanted to bring breath testing to patrons in a fun and interactive way. Dave is adamant that delivering the best drug testing and breath testing service will impact cultural awareness and change within the Australian public.

David Gould
Noah Tyler
Managing Director

Noah first crossed paths with Dave in 2013, right at the point where he too was running a successful business and was looking at other opportunities to expand. Dave recognized that Noah’s people skills and work ethic would be key to taking BMF to the next level. The timing was perfect and the two boys have never looked back.

Noah is passionate about helping people and loves building relationships with events and promoters alike to grow the brand nationally.


Blow Me First is an alcohol & drug education and testing service aimed at empowering young people to make safe and responsible decisions.

The blow me First service aims to reach all people and inform them of their blood alcohol content or whether the drugs they have consumed can still impair their ability to make dangerous decisions such as drink & drug driving, or other anti-social harmful behaviours.

Our breathalyser units are of the highest quality and are provided to us by Drager, who proudly sponsor our hardware for both commercial and personal use. These units are also used by law enforcement globally and they are calibrated regularly to ensure accuracy in readings and maintenance of equipment.

Our drug testing kits are also of the highest quality. To ensure testing remains relevant and accurate. BMF provide saliva screening, hair follicle testing and urine testing options to ensure drug detection is available for all environments and guidelines.

Blow Me First has a duty of care with every test facilitated, whether positive or negative or a very low reading to always instruct the person being tested not to drive. This ensures that every test remains a guide only and cannot be used to reference any occurrence post being tested.

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At BMF, we believe that every time we engage with young adults at venues and events and facilitate a breath test or drug test, an important conversation about responsible consumption takes place.

This conversation stays with them and has a “ripple effect” that encourages self-awareness of consumption levels and safer behaviours associated with drinking and drug taking.

BMF has developed a strong presence at popular venues, festivals, and events. Our clients recognise the importance of ensuring safe and responsible service of alcohol. They choose to partner with BMF to ensure that patrons are empowered to drink responsibly and make safe choices when drinking or consuming drugs.

Venue and event management can be reassured that they are providing an “alcohol & drug safe environment” for their patrons to revel in. They are taking the necessary steps to encourage responsible drinking and associated behaviour and they are providing outstanding value and care to patrons by encouraging a safe, positive social experience that ends with a safe journey home.

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Do you have what it takes?

We are looking for driven, enthusiastic and confident people to join our team.

Job description:

We facilitate an interactive breath testing service that sends teams of guys and girls to roam through the event breath testing people while also delivering an important message about drinking responsibly.

How to apply:

Please email your resume to info@blowmefirst.com.au

Your Bac App


Estimate your Blood Alcohol Concentration (B.A.C.) based on gender, height, weight, time spent drinking and standard drinks consumed. Improve your understanding of B.A.C. by estimating how long it takes until it reaches 0.000.


  • 30+ choices for Beer, Cider, Spirits, Wine and Champagne
  • Estimated B.A.C. reads to 3 decimal places
  • Easy touch screen options
  • Locally stores settings and favourite drink types for quicker selection
  • Options for further support and information via the DrinkWise link

Blow me first are offering retailers an obligation free opportunity to resell the Drager alcotest 3820 which comes with free of charge point-of-sale material, posters, pull-up banners or counter stands.

If this product resonates with your customer base there are great profit margins available . For more information, please email BMF at info@blowmefirst.com.au.