Drager Car Interlock XT Breathalyser + Installation

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Product Description

Drager Car Interlock XT Breathalyser is a great solution to manage fleet and probationary drivers

These instances include :

  • workplace vehicles eg; taxi fleets, trucks , workplace and company vehicles
  • Parents wanting their P-plate driving children to abide by the zero tolerance policy
  • Recovering alcoholics

This system can be pre-set and customised to any BAC ( blood alcohol content) for the designated driver of the vehicle.

For more information on this unit and installation please email info@blowmefirst.com.au

Please note: The Drager Car interlock XT breathalyser system cannot be installed for offending drink drivers. The Australian court system will issue offending drink drivers with an action that requires them to lease this system from Drager directly . BMF are only able to provide and install this system for customers who want to use this system to mitigate potential drink driving.

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Dimensions 400 x 250 x 100 mm
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