Redline Single Use Disposable Breathalyser

single use breath tester

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Redlines are a single-use/disposable breath alcohol test device which are certified for accuracy and reliability in accordance with the relevant Australian Standard.


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Your Ultimate Destination For High-Quality Alcohol Breathalyzers

Alcohol breathalyzers are portable instruments that can be utilized effectively for on-site alcohol detection in students, employees, and DUI/DWI suspects on highways. The alcohol breathalyzers are used in order to measure the Blood Alcohol Content (BAC) by indirectly measuring the alcohol content in a person’s breath. In case you want to buy breathalyzer, look no further than Blow me first. We have multiple breathalyzer tests for sale.


The Redline Breathalyser is an inexpensive, disposable, Australian Standards Certified breath testing device which quickly and simply provides an non-evidential indication of a minimum presence of 0.02BAC and an above or below indication against 0.05BAC.

Redlines are easy to use, with ‘Instructions for Use’ and ‘Interpretation of Results’ clearly set out on both the pack insert and breath-bag

To use a Redline and see the test results takes less than 2 minutes.

Redlines are small and lightweight, and ideal to keep handy in your car, handbag, at home or at the workplace.

Redlines are ideally priced to use once and throw away!

Redlines are Certified for accuracy, reliability and quality by numerous worldwide Certification bodies, including Standards Australia.


The value which Redlines deliver to the user is immeasurable. What’s better – guessing your BAC and running the risk of losing your driver’s licence or worse, or using a Redline to be given excellent guidance whether you should be driving?

Redlines are ideal for applications such as providing guidance regarding whether or not to drive immediately following consumption, fit-for-duty measurement, ‘morning after’ testing, driver education and drink-driving awareness campaigns, promotion of responsible consumption of alcohol, etc.REDLINE BREATH TESTERsingle use breath tester


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Weight 500 g
Dimensions 380 x 250 mm
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