Universal Drager Breathalyser Mouth Pieces


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Your Ultimate Destination For High-Quality Alcohol Breathalyzers

Alcohol breathalyzers are portable instruments that can be utilized effectively for on-site alcohol detection in students, employees, and DUI/DWI suspects on highways. The alcohol breathalyzers are used in order to measure the Blood Alcohol Content (BAC) by indirectly measuring the alcohol content in a person’s breath. In case you want to buy breathalyzer, look no further than Blow me first. We have multiple breathalyzer tests for sale.


Comes in a packet of x25 Individually wrapped mouthpieces to maintain 100% hygiene.

Suitable for Drager Alcotest 3000, 5510, 6510, 6810, 6820 and 7510

When you buy ‘1’, you are purchasing 25 mouthpieces.
When you buy ‘2’, you are purchasing 50 mouthpieces

A push on the ejection tab on the mouthpiece hygienically expels it from the Breathalyzer without any contact between the operator’s hand and the subject’s saliva.

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Weight 500 g
Dimensions 380 x 250 mm
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