Intelligent Finger Print Drug Test Reader


$7,500.00 incl. GST

Intelligent finger print drug testing is the latest cutting edge drug testing technology.

This technology was developed at Cambridge in the UK and is soon to become the standard globally.

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Product Description

The Intelligent finger print (IF) machine reader scanner works by analyzing fingerprint sweat, so sample collection is non-invasive, simple and dignified

Sweat sample collection takes seconds and analysis for multiple drugs of abuse is complete within 10 minutes

The Intelligent finger print Drug Screening System is compact and portable, for convenient drug screening whenever it’s needed, in a variety of locations

The multi-panel drug test is quick and easy, with no need for gender-specific collectors, specialist handling or clinical waste disposal

Workplace testing benefits:

Fingerprint drug testing offers a versatile and effective means of supporting a wide range of workplace drug testing scenarios – from pre-employment screens and random drug tests to post-accident investigations.

Quick, hygienic and easy-to-use anytime, almost anywhere, the Intelligent Fingerprinting system works by analysing fingerprint sweat to screen for cocaine, opiates, methamphetamines and cannabis. Sample collection takes seconds, with results in ten minutes.