Event Formats

With the recent media coverage around festivals and the safety of patrons it is paramount to take all the necessary measures to protect your guests, your brand and be socially responsible.

Blow me first (BMF) are an interactive Drug & Alcohol testing service on the front line of music and lifestyle events Australia wide.

 What do we do?

 BMF assists event goers to get home safely by giving them an opportunity to be Drug & Alcohol tested. We set up services within festivals site grounds and at the exit gates.

We will tailor our service format specifically to suit any event requirements.

The fact that patrons are driving to your events and camping overnight, we encourage any events to consider our service for these reasons:

  •  Immediate effect on limiting and mitigating drink/drug driving from ever taking place
  •  Viewed with great appreciation by people who attend the event.
  •  Safety to all
  •  Education
  •  Awareness
  •  Responsibility of all good event management
  •  Positive event branding and public image
  •  In some cases, lowering of insurance premiums
  •  Avoid violent behaviour
  •  Establish healthier drinking habits
  •  Supported by local Police

How BMF can help?

BMF can operate two setups, enabling extensive signage, shelter for patrons participating in testing and all the current and relevant data related to police road side testing in each state respectively. This information will be provided and explained on request.

Setup 1- Inner Stall – Ideally located between the main camping areas and festival arenas. This allows patrons to approach us for information and/or testing on foot before packing down their camp site.

Setup 2 –Gate Service–  BMF specialise in providing events with certified traffic management plans to give drivers exiting the venue site an opportunity to be alcohol tested and or drug tested before risking driving impaired.