Night Clubs & Bars

What we offer:

BMF have a variety of options for licensed venues to choose from.

Option 1 : RED LINE Breathalysers ( single use)

This option is a simple non commital approach to providing your guests with the option to purchase single use disposable alcohol tester from the bar or reception desk.  BMF offer you boxes of 10 on consignment with RRP to assist you genearte profit per sale.

Option 2 : Hand held Drager Alcotest 3820 ( german engineered) personal Breathalyser

This option has multiple benefits. For starters it is not fixed to the wall or your vehicle, so its use can be more durable. On a commercial level it can be used to assist your security in giving them more power and rights to refuse a patron entry to your venue should they be too intoxicated. The Drager Alcotest 3820 can also be used to breathalyse your staff, should you wish to ensure they work under a zero tolerance policy. Furthermore, it can be used at the bar or at reception to give your guests piece of mind before getting behind the wheel and potentially driving impaired.

The Drager Alcotest 3820 is a mobile hand held unit that can also be used on a personal level. Leave it in your glove box to monitor and test yourself when needed or given it to a family member, friend or a P-plate driver.

The Drager Alcotest 3820 only Requires 1 calibration per year so that each and every breath alcohol test remains accurate. Made in Germany, the Drager Alcotest 3820 uses fuel cell technology, ensuring quality, fast and reliable testing.

Option 3: Wall mounted Breathalyser ( commercial use)

On a commercial level this investment will not only keep your guests safe but will also provide your business with another revenue stream. Coin operated and using Fuel Cell technology, this wall mounted unit requires very little maintenance and calibration once every 12 months to remain accurate.

Option 4: Interactive breath testing

BMF are able to provide licensed venues with crowd control and safety measures to protect liquor licensing. BMF can customise its service format from front line breath testing at the door and/or a roaming service inside the venue.

This assists liquor licensed venues with tackling the excessive drinking culture head on, making patrons more aware of where they are at while in the act of drinking.

BMF have worked with Trak nightclub, Chasers, Tramp, Billboards and many other venues who had issues with liquor licensing and wanted to empower their security with the means to educate patrons and arm them with information for refusal of entry.  BMF are essentially educating people by engaging with them in a positive conversation about their drinking habits ,explaining exactly how their body processes alcohol and what .05 means to them.