Pre-Employment Testing


Pre-employment drug and alcohol testing is important to establish a safe working environment.

Prior to making an offer of employment, it is important to have the prospective new employee take a pre-employment Drug & Alcohol test. This will reduce the risk of hiring staff who may pose a safety risk to themselves and others in high-risk workplaces.

At BMF, we understand the sensitive nature around pre-employment drug testing. All tests, whether conducted at our location or onsite are conducted in privacy and under full confidentiality.

How Pre-Employment Drug Testing Works;

Pre-employment drug testing and alcohol testing is conducted in private and on an individual basis.

  1. The Donor will be verified and asked a series of questions.
  2. Donor will provide an oral saliva sample for testing for illicit drugs.
  3. Donor will also provide a breath test for alcohol to check their Blood Alcohol Concentration.
  4. If the donor is clear and returns a negative result the process is concluded.
  5. A detailed Individual Donor Report will be provided by a certified drug & alcohol officer to declare the results.

(For positive results, we will require the donor to provide a second sample, this is usually a urine sample, which will provide a second confirmation)


Pre-Employment Testing COST (EX GST)
Appointment $70
Oral Saliva Testing $25
Secondary testing ( urine) if Saliva returns a positive reading $25
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Mobile Onsite Pre-Employment COST (EX GST)
Call Out Fee  $200
Travel time per hour- if travel is required outside of the metropolitan area  $70.00
Air travel, accommodation & Meals At Cost
 Downtime $40.00
Laboratory confirmations ( includes consumables, courier, lab analysis & Lab certificate) $250.00
Remote drug testing kits $50.00
Employee Education session 15-30mins $150.00
In-house Employee Awareness Training – Half day $450.00

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