Rehabilitation Centers

Urine Testing for Rehabilitation Centres

  • Are you concerned about your patients cheating the drug test?
  • Or that your urine test is not up-to-date with the amount of new synthetic drugs on the streets?
  • Can you stand by the accuracy of your current urine test?

It’s a well-known fact that substance abuse is a serious issue and the habit can be extremely hard to kick. Treatment for drug abuse is a long and difficult process. For some patients, the temptation to relapse is common, just one hit is all it takes to fall back into the habit and is detrimental to their treatment program and their health.

A urine test is one of the many approaches BMF offers rehabilitation centres. An accurate urine test identifies substances that have been consumed by the patients. The majority of rehabilitation centres currently use urine cups with 5 panels, which only tests for the common drugs ie: MET/AMP/COC/THC/OPI. It does not test for any new drugs out on the market, more and more synthetic drugs are now being consumed and introduced and it is imperative to remain on top of this.

Across Australia, we lose track of the prevalence of new substances and dangerous drugs that are often flooding the streets. Rehabilitation centres are often not updating their Urine testing products to keep up with the ever-changing illegal substances in the market. BMF believe that by not updating your testing products, it’s a disservice to your patients.

For example; Quite often rehabilitation centres do not test for K2 Spice (synthetic cannabis) in their Urine cups. This substance should be treated the same as any other illegal substance, it is highly popular and should be tested.

Synthetics and the Law

“In Queensland, New South Wales, South Australia and Victoria there is now a ‘ban’ on possessing or selling any substance that has a psychoactive effect other than alcohol, tobacco and food.”

BMF have developed a multi-drug urine test, specifically designed for rehabilitation centres across Australia.

Precision DX 10-Panel Urine Cup
The Precision DX Urine Cup is a full spectrum urine test. It is utilised to detect the presence of both illegal and even prescription drugs in the donor’s urine.

· All in-one drug test cup
· 99% accuracy
· The test strips delivers results within a minute.
· Built-in temperature strip
· Built-in adulterants
· 10 substances
· 12-month shelf life
· Meets all Australian Testing Standards

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