Surface Testing


Do You Need Surface Testing?

When there is suspicion of drug-use, manufacturing or unexplained illnesses. Can be used for testing of properties, cars and workplaces.

Once a surface area has been exposed to Meth, the highly dangerous chemicals stick to surfaces such as, walls, floors, cabinets, doors, carpets, curtains, soft furnishings, lounges etc

Meth residue can stick around on surfaces for lengthy periods of time, even years! Being exposed to these chemicals is highly dangerous, especially for young children and the elderly.

Types of testing that we do include:


Testing a property for methamphetamine is the best way of checking whether a home is clean and safe to occupy. Keeping a drug-free environment free from residue that can cause serious health issues.

Drug Testing Services are for properties or people looking to buy, rent or invest in a property. We also test on behalf of property managers and landlords.


Testing is commonly tested in the automotive industry.

Stolen vehicles: If your vehicle has been recovered you should conduct surface testing on the vehicle. Fumes in the interior of the car may be contaminated and being in close proximity can cause serious harm.

Side effects in a contaminated vehicle may cause, nose and throat issues, difficulty breathing or potentially unexplained rashes or aggravation of the eyes. Any of these unexplained symptoms could potentially be the result of these dangerous chemicals being present inside the vehicle.


How It Works

  1. Assessment of the testing area to ascertain which areas to concentrate on
  2. Test the areas of concern
  3. Documentation of all findings and results
  4. Send a detailed report of findings
Testing Requirements COST (EX GST)
Standard call-out fee $120.00
Surface Testing
– METH/AMP/XTC $60.00 per test
– THC/Cocaine/Opiates/METH/AMP/XTC $120.00
Attendance fee ( if cancellation of an appointment is not made prior to attendance by a technician and/or no tests are conducted) $200.00
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Related costs COST (EX GST)
Laboratory confirmations ( includes consumables, courier, lab analysis & Lab certificate) $250.00
Air travel, accommodation & Meals At Cost
Remote drug testing kits $50.00


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