Social Media Policy

  1. Blow Me First (“BMF”) has a presence on Facebook and Instagram. As such BMF’s management team will post from time to time to engage with our key stakeholder communities.
  1. This policy applies to BMF’s management team and any staff or contractors posting on behalf of BMF on any of the abovementioned social media platforms.
  2. It will guide and assist BMF toward posting positive, helpful and engaging social media content as a key stakeholder in the safe drinking movement.
  3. This policy does not bind the actions BMF management or staff in their personal use of social media platforms. However, staff posting in their personal capacity will behave responsibly and post appropriate content when representing BMF or any of its partners.
  1. BMF takes reasonable care in posting on social media as posts made reflect the values of the business and any partners we are working with. To this end here are the goals that BMF has in mind when posting on social media:
    • encourage community wide conversations about safe drinking
    • promote the use of products that will assist in responsible drinking practices
    • engage Australians in thought provoking conversations about the need to drink responsibly and avoid driving if alcohol has been consumed
    • promote our services and products to venues and events that could benefit from BMF’s responsible drinking services
  1. BMF seeks to foster an open, positive, constructive and inclusive discussion about safe alcohol consumption and associated behaviours through its social media use.
  2. Any posting that is contrary to these values and offensive or defamatory in nature will be taken down from the relevant social media platform as soon as is reasonably practicable. This is likely to include any posts that are:
    • racist
    • sexist
    • threatening
    • insulting
    • unlawful
    • threatening to another’s privacy
  3. BMF will take the necessary steps to report and remove any content that is unreasonably critical of its promoted products. This extends to any comment or post that unfairly criticizes the promoted products of its partners in a manner that may damage the reputation of BMF or its partners.
  4. BMF will not tolerate ‘trolling’ or any other similar behaviours that are intended to annoy, embarrass or cause damage to BMF’s online communities. Users or posts that engage in this behaviour will be reported.
  1. BMF’s social media activity will generally be conducted by Milkman or Sociala Town.
  2. The responsible party undertakes to participate in social media activity on behalf of BMF on BMF accounts and contribute to discussions initiated by partners and other relevant social discussions and platforms as deemed appropriate.
  3. The responsible party will also share and promote activities of our partners on social media as appropriate and as required under any agreements between the parties.
  4. BMF will also actively respond to any posts or comments and particularly negative posts and feedback as soon as is reasonably practicable.
  1. This policy is to be reviewed every six months to ensure that it is current, complete and reflects BMF’s values and strategic goals and any other relevant agreements.