What is Drug testing?

Drug Testing:

What is drug testing?

Drug testing comes in different forms and can be used for all sorts of different reasons.

The two main forms of drug testing are facilitated by either Urine or saliva samples.

Urine sampling drug testing- or in laments term “Pee in a cup” is more intrusive and can often become adulterated ( tampered with) but results are far more accurate. The main point of difference is that drugs can stay in your urine for any where between 1-2 weeks meaning the screening objective is donor specific.

Saliva testing Drug testing – or swab testing is more relevant for people wanting to test if the drugs they have consumed in the last 24 hours and is still in their system. Saliva testing is used by police in road side testing Australia wide. Saliva testing is quicker and less intrusive. Results for saliva testing are indicative only. Meaning results must be accompanied by a series of questions to determine lots of different variables.

For work place drug testing or law enforcement drug testing, a secondary sample must be sent to the laboratory to ensure 100% accuracy and definitive results. In the case of blow me first where testing is voluntary at music festivals, concerts, winery tours and sporitng events, the donor will want helpful and sound advice. BMF result readers use a specific protocol flow chart to ensure scripted answers are consistent with our disclaimers and never give definitive answers. BMF is an information based service. Its up to the donor to decide based on the information given whether they are ok to drive.

In the case when a test has too much grey area, BMF recommend a urine test secondary to assist with aiding the primary test results to give a more of a definitive answer.


The drugs that BMF test are

METH – methamphetamine

AMP – amphetamines

COC- Cocaine

OPI – Opiates

THC – Marijuana

THC is generally the hardest drug to test for because of its sticky nature and in most saliva tests can easily slip through the cracks or not catch the test panel.

However, the preferred test used by BMF (Drager drug check 3000) has a higher sensitivity for testing THC than any other swab test because of its patent design. This design allows the THC to incubate through a crystallized chamber assisting the THC to stick to the test panel once pushed through.

Having performed 1000’s of drug tests on the front line to willing saliva donors who run the risk of losing their drivers licence. BMF will not use any other saliva swab drug test in the market because the results given be accurate. The Drager Drug check 3000 provides us with confidence in reading our results. We simply do not trust any other saliva swab test for this very reason.